Rescue Squad 1 With One Pinned In The First Due
By Falmouth Volunteers
October 27, 2015

Around 16:00 hours the Stafford E.C.C. alerted the Falmouth Volunteers for an auto accident reported with entrapment and on fire in the area of Jefferson Davis Highway and Centerport Parkway. Rescue 1 quickly arrived at the correct location of Cambridge Street and Michael Street to find a utility van that had struck another vehicle with one significantly pinned. Rescue 1 quickly completed vehicle stabilization. Once the vehicle was stabilized the crew from Rescue 1 then utilized an amkus spreader to remove the driver and passenger side door. Once the driver door was removed the crew then pushed the dash away from the patients chest and utilized a hydraulic ram to assist with pushing the dash forward which gained access to the patients left leg. Rescue Engine 2 arrived and placed a protection hand-line in service. The crew from Rescue 1 then placed a spreader in the center of the vehicle just below the dash to lift the dash off of the patients right leg which completed the extrication. Rescue Squad 1 was able to complete the extrication within 6 minutes after time of arrival.

Units: R1,Q12,RE2,M11,M2,BC1,ODC,CAC