February 22, 2016

Just after 0500 hours the members from Falmouth were alerted for a house fire, this time at 4 Randolph Road in the Ferry Farms area of Falmouth. While enroute Stafford ECC advised responding units of 5 potential occupants still in the house. Engine and Chief 1 arrived on scene to find a 1 1/2 story SFD with fire showing from the Alpha and Bravo sides and its occupants exiting the structure from a 2nd floor window. The crew quickly stretched the bumper line to the front door while the OIC completed a lap of the structure. Once the lap was complete, crews forced entry to the front door and advanced the hoseline into the living room and kitchen area of the house knocking back the fire so crews could make the interior stairs to ensure all occupants were out. As soon as the fire on the first floor was extinguished, crews relocated the hose line to the second floor extinguishing more fire that was found. The fire was under control in under 10 minutes and searches proved negative. The scene was turned over to the Fire Marshal's Office and overhaul was completed. Command was held by Chief 1 and units returned to service in a little over two hours.

Units: E1, E4, E9, RE14, T12, T2, RS4 (Spotsylvania), M11, M7 CH1, BC1